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What happened in vegas didn’t stay in vegas…

Real estate is my pedigree.

I come from a family of realtors and real estate investors and i bought my first investment property when i was 21.

If you hopped into a time machine and Flashed back to april 17th 2017, you would find me looking for properties in las vegas nevada. I was drained, annoyed, and definitely needed a drink.

I was looking for rental properties that would pay for themselves

After looking at a dozen properties and crunching numbers for three hours I was exhausted.. Why did i do all this?!? I only wanted to see the properties that would pay for themselves...

And thats when it hit me.. the words threw up out of my mouth “I need to build something that does this for me”

Flash forward almost two years, zumbly is live and about to roll out nationally in the US and Australia.