So whats my deal.

  • I cant stand cottage cheese, beer, or bananas

  • Favorite color: green screen and ring lights

  • Yes, my pet pig is missing an ear

  • Favorite artists: Krewella/ Kanye / mike nappi

  • I ride a unicycle

  • Biggest fear: electricity/ snakes

  • typical Friday night: Poppy

  • Favorite country: Usa! duh..

  • I like youtube, cameras, and creative people

  • At one point in my life i thought i was a cowboy

  • my family and friends inspire me greatly

  • Kendall Jenner - She’s cute

  • i have a horse named buster

  • i’ve never used deodorant “I don’t smell i promise”

  • Favorite restaurant: Delilah

  • Kangaroos and giraffes are both on my amazon wish list

I grew up on a farm outside of Philly. It was fun, my brother clay and i did pretty much everything. After college I moved to LA and got my real estate license. Soon after I founded I love meeting new people and helping others kill it!